High Availability Architecture of a Web Server using EBS, S3 & CloudFront on AWS

✔️ Prerequisites:

Now let’s move to the practical. ❗️❗️

aws ec2 run-instances

— image-id ami-038f1ca1bd58a5790

— count 1

— instance-type t2.micro

— key-name mykey

— security-group-ids sg-a5a4c183

— subnet-id subnet-7707d411

— tag-specifications=ResourceType=instance,Tags=[{Key=Name,Value=instance1}]

aws ec2 create-volume

— availability-zone us-east-1a

— size 1

— volume-type gp2

— tag-specifications=ResourceType=volume,Tags=[{Key=Name,Value=WebEBS}]

aws ec2 attach-volume

— volume-id vol-0bd8a562fef9d117c

— instance-id i-0e74a3bbbeabac766

— device /dev/sdf

mkfs.ext4 xvdf1

mount /dev/xvdf1 /var/www/html

aws s3api create-bucket

— bucket task-web-bucket

— region us-east-1

aws s3 cp aws_img.jpg s3://task-web-bucket

— acl public-read

aws cloudfront create-distribution

— origin-domain-name https://task-web-bucket.s3.amazonaws.com

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