Integrating LVM with Hadoop and providing Elasticity to DataNode Storage

Task Description :

Prerequisite :

  • Basic knowledge of Hadoop
  • Knowledge of Linux Partition and LVM

Hadoop :

Logical Volume Management :

Step 1: Start the NameNode Service start namenode

hadoop dfsadmin -report

Step 2: Add Hard Disk to the DataNode

fdisk -l

Step 3: Create Physical Volume from that hard disk.

pvcreate /dev/sdb

pvdisplay /dev/sdb

Step 4: Create the Volume Group

vgcreate dnvg /dev/sdb

vgdisplay dnvg

Step 5: Create Logical Volume of Size 30GiB

lvcreate — size 30G — name dnlv dnvg

lvdisplay dnvg/dnlv

Step 6: Format the Logical Volume

mkfs.ext4 /dev/dnvg/dnlv

Step 7: Mount the Logical Volume with the DataNode directory

mount /dev/dnvg/dnlv /dn

df -h

Step 8: Start Datanode service start datanode

hadoop dfsadmin -report

Step 9: Increate the Logical Volume Size

lvextend — size +10G /dev/dnvg/dnlv

Step 10: Format the extended Logical Volume

resize2fs /dev/dnvg/dnlv

df -h

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