Jenkins: Build great things at any scale

What is Jenkins ❓

Jenkins is an open-source tool build in java for continuous integration purposes. Jenkins manages and automates the complete lifecycle of the software development lifecycle including build, test, package, deployment, and much more.

Advantages of Jenkins ❗️

  • Jenkins is an open-source tool with huge community support.
  • Jenkins offers a plugin to integrate with almost all the tools.
  • It is written in java so it can be used on any platform.
  • Jenkins is absolutely free of cost.

History of Jenkins 📜

The Jenkins project was started in 2004 by Kohsuke Kawaguchi originally called Hudson while he was working at Sun Microsystems. Kohsuke was a developer at Sun Microsystems and he got tired of the anger of his team every time his code broke the build. So he decided to find some way so that he can perform continuous integration to test his code before do the actual commit to the repository. Then his teammates also started using it and soon Kohsuke open-sourced it and create the Jenkins project and soon Jenkins usages had spread across the world.

Use Cases of Jenkins 🖥️

🔴 Preply’s online education platform with CI/CD

🔴 Tymit — Fintech Innovation With A Jenkins Backbone

🔴 Gainsight — humanizing the customer experience with the DevSecOps platform

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