My DevOps Assembly Lines experience under the mentorship of world record holder Mr Vimal Daga

Today I am going to share my experience of DevOps Assembly Line training under the world record holder Vimal Daga Sir. I started my DevOps AL journey on 27th April and completed on 3rd July.

I am going to share what I was before the training and what I know after the training. Initially when I enrolled for the DevOps AL training at that time I didn’t have any idea what DevOps is and all the technology which are used in DevOps. I thought these are very advanced concepts for me but the way Vimal Sir had taught, he started with a simple use case to make us understand about DevOps in brief and then trained in all the tools of DevOps like Git, Github, Jenkins etc.

Before the training I only used to know fundamentals of Redhat 8, Docker and a few programming languages like C, C++ and python. But in the 35 days of training I learn way more than what I could have in a year. I am going to mention what are different tools I learn in just 35 days.

The tools and technologies that I learn:-

  1. Source Control Management (Git, GitHub)
  2. Jenkins: Multi-staged CI / CD with tools
  3. Kubernetes
  4. Introduction to Openshift with Docker/Podman
  5. Performance Monitoring Tools

(i) Kibana

(ii) Grafana

(iii) Prometheus

6. ELK Stack

(i) Elastic Search

(ii) Logstash

(iii) Kibana

7. Pytest framework

All I can say is that it was one of the best experiences of my life after MLOps. I just want to thank Vimal sir and all the technical volainteries for always being there to solve any technical queries and for their support. I am highly inspired by the Vimal’s Sir initiative of “Making India Future Ready“ I don’t have any words to express how proud I feel being a student of Vimal Sir and also being a part of IIEC RISE.

Thank you !!!

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