My MLOps experience under the mentorship of world record holder Mr Vimal Daga

On 25th January 2020 I attended Vimal daga sir workshop and on that day I became a fan of him and I also realise that under the right guidance everything is possible. It was a life changing event for me because on that day I came to know that just in 6 hr of workshop if I can learn so much then why not in 3 years.

Then I joined the IIEC RISE community founded by Vimal Sir. I am doing RHCSA 8 with Python training free of cost and also recently I completed Docker training under IIEC RISE and all this happened in just 3 months. Before 25th Jan I was having the knowledge of C, C++, and HTML.

My MLOps journey started on 6th April, at that time I didn’t have any knowledge about Machine Learning and DevOps. Initially I was very nervous because I thought these are very advanced concepts for me and also I don’t have any knowledge about these technologies. But the way Vimal Sir had taught, he started with variables and then trained in all the advanced concepts of MLOps.

In Python I learn many libraries for Data Science like numpy, pandas, matplotlib, seaborn, Graph Visualization, Linear Regression,Logistic Regression,K Nearest Neighbor algorithm.

Then I learn many advanced concepts like TensorFlow code-basics, Neural Networks (Deep Learning), Feature Extraction, Feed forward neural networks (FNN), Convolutional neural networks (CNN), Recurrent Neural networks (RNN), Generative Adversal Neural Networks (GAN), Restrict Boltzman Machine (RBM), Long Short-Term Memory (LSTM), Collaborative Filtering with RBM, Autoencoders & Applications, How to compose Models in Keras, Saving and Loading a model with Keras, Computer Vision using NN, Text Data Processing, Image / Video processing, Transfer Learning, Object Detection with SSD, Neural Networks, Convolutional Neural Networks, R-CNNs , SSDs, YOLO & GANs, Transfer Learning and using pre-trained models (VGG, MobileNet, InceptionV3, ResNet50) on ImageNet and re-create popular CNNs such as AlexNet, LeNet, VGG and U-Net,Facial Recognition with VGGFace, How to Execute, Annotate, Train and Deploy Custom Mask R-CNN models

In DevOps I learn how to create CI/CD pipeline to build and deploy a project, Git, Maven, Jenkins, Docker, Kubernetes, Integration of CI/CD with ML/DL, Deploy ML/DL model over kubernetes.

All I can say is that it was one of the best experiences of my life. I just want to thanks vimal sir and all the technical volainteries for always being there to solve any technical queries and for their support. I am highly inspired from the Vimal’s Sir initiative of “Making India Future Ready“ I don’t have any words to express how proud I feel being a student of Vimal Sir and also being a part of IIEC RISE. Currently I am also doing DevOps AL and Hybrid Multi Cloud training and I would love to join MLOps community and as I want to learn more and I dream is to do something for the society.

Thank you !!!

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